About us

About us

30 years of experience

RMA Hydromet started on 1 February 2021. Rob ter Brake, a seasoned water professional with over 30 years of experience, heads this division of RMA. Water and agriculture are inextricably linked, so for RMA it was a logical choice to expand the agricultural activities towards the water sector with RMA Hydromet.

Optimization of water management

RMA Hydromet focuses on optimizing water management, in which meteorological observations play an increasingly important role. Precipitation conservation and water quality maintenance are becoming an increasingly important part of modern water management. We translate the online and remotely collected data of, for example, water levels, drainage, water quality and meteorological data into smart dashboards for practical use by water managers.

Our method

Together with our customers, we work out the most suitable solution based on the products we supply. We do not shy away from the integration of already installed systems or products from other suppliers. We supply, install and maintain the systems and if desired, we take over the entire care and only offer our customers the data. We then ensure that the data meets the quality requirements set by the customer.

Demonstration site

Personal support is our motto. Technology creates new opportunities, but we know better than anyone that this requires good guidance and support. At our location in Hellendoorn, we provide introductions and training for small groups in a beautiful environment. We also set up a testing ground to demonstrate all measuring instruments and techniques. We believe it is important to show and experience our solutions in practice, because in the end it is the user who makes it work.

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