Insight into evaporation is needed to make a thorough water balance. Measuring evaporation is possible with a so-called evaporation pan. It is also possible to calculate evaporation with weather sensors. For this we use the Penman method.

Evaporation pan

With the evaporation pan we continuously and accurately measure the water level. With this the evaporation can then be determined. The maintenance of this measurement setup is quite intensive. Algae growth can occur in the tank. Animals can also sit in the tank or swim or drink from the tank. In addition, the automatic filling mechanism of the bin may fail, causing the bin to run dry.

Penman formula

To calculate evaporation with the Penman formula, it is necessary to measure at least the following parameters.

  • Temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Height of location relative to sea level
  • Relative air humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Air pressure net
  • Solar radiation

We supply all-in-one weather sensors that measure these parameters. These compact sensors are virtually maintenance-free.

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