Due to the changing climate, we see increasingly longer periods without precipitation. Especially in the higher sandy soils there is a greater risk of desiccation. Water managers try to counter this effect by supplying water and retaining rainfall. This requires a continuous weighing of interests. We have to combat the desiccation, but also the nuisance caused by groundwater.

Groundwater level

Our groundwater supply is important for our drinking water supply and for agriculture. Accurate monitoring of the groundwater level shows how much water is available for use. In recent years, drought periods in the summer season have increased. This causes the groundwater level to drop structurally. It is clear that drawing up a water balance goes further than just surface water. In the future, we must also include groundwater reserves in this balance.

Level measurement

Level measurement of surface water and groundwater is possible in various ways. We look for the most suitable and appropriate solution together with our customers. We use a wide range of level sensors, communication tools and data collection systems.

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