Water conservation

Water conservation

Climate change

The climate is changing. That is obvious. The amount of precipitation that falls annually has changed little. The intensity of the showers is changing faster than expected. This creates a dilemma. On the one hand we want to retain and conserve the rainwater, on the other hand we have to drain the water to prevent nuisance.

Rhythm for the Rain

In a feasibility study 'Rhythm for the Rain', RMA Hydromet is investigating whether it is possible to collect and reuse rainwater in a responsible manner in times of drought. That is why facilities and sensor systems have been installed at our office in Hellendoorn.

Collecting rainwater

All precipitation is stored in a 10m3 tank and used in the 'gray water' circuit. We use the gray water to flush the toilets, feed the outside tap and irrigate the garden. Based on precipitation measurement and precipitation forecast, we ensure that the next rain shower is always collected in the tank. This means that the tank always has sufficient capacity to store the next rain shower. If necessary, we discharge water from the tank into the groundwater or into the sewage system prior to the shower, which at that time still has sufficient capacity to drain the water from the tank.

Storage capacity

Together with sewerage managers, we are investigating whether this system, when applied on a larger scale in built-up areas, can make the available storage capacity in sewer systems more flexible. The construction of large storage basins is then no longer necessary. The collected rainwater can also be used for other purposes.

Responsible water use

RMA Hydromet is constantly looking for new techniques to improve the responsible use of water. We work closely with other organizations and suppliers and are happy to share our knowledge.

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