Water quality

Water quality

Quality of surface water

The quality of surface water in the Netherlands has improved significantly in recent years. But due to an increase in the population and the intensification of industry and agriculture, the pressure on the quality of surface water is increasing. In order to be able to safely recreate in and around surface water, good surface water quality is important for public health and safety. Blue-green algae in particular can cause serious problems in the summer season.

Groundwater quality

Groundwater is an important source for the preparation of our drinking water. The quality of the groundwater is threatened by contamination with chemical substances. We used to apply these products a lot more in the past, so we are now stuck with a legacy from history. It is likely that in the future it will no longer be possible to prepare sufficient drinking water from groundwater. Surface water will have to be used more and more often.

Water quality sensor instruments

It is clear that good and accurate sensor instruments are necessary to evaluate different interests and monitor the quality of our water. RMA Hydromet has several water quality sensors in the product range. We seek the most suitable and appropriate solution together with our customers. In addition to a wide range of sensors, we use multiple means of communication and data collection systems.

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