Water level

Water level

Modern water management

The Netherlands is largely below sea level. That is why water management has always been a challenge. Over the centuries newer techniques have been used to manage and control water levels. Where in the past the challenge was mainly to 'keep our feet dry', nowadays water conservation is becoming increasingly important. Retain water when possible and dispose of water when necessary. In doing so, we are increasingly balancing on the edge.

Water level management

Accurate and reliable level sensor data is required as a basis for modern water management. And because we are increasingly dependent on data from these sensors, incorrect level measurement can have major consequences. In addition to an accurate and reliable water level measurement, insight into the expected water supply and precipitation is also of great importance. Knowledge of the total water cycle (the water balance) cannot be missed out on in modern water level management.

Measure water level

Level measurement of surface water and groundwater is possible in various ways. We look for the most suitable and appropriate solution together with our customers. We use a wide range of level sensors, communication tools and data collection systems.

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