RMA Hydromet for smart water management. Don't miss out on that.

Data from Greenland via satellite

For the past 25 years, researchers have carried out measurements of the climate and environment in East Greenland. This has resulted in an extremely valuable time series of many different data.

Installation in Malawi

RMA Hydromet's data loggers and sensors are also used in Africa. Our compact radar level sensor with datalogger is installed here. Raingauge stations are also in use.

Raingauge maintenance

A reliable precipitation measurement is of great importance. Good and regular maintenance is therefore necessary, which RMA Hydromet offers as a service.

Compact Level Monitoring

RMA Hydromet's ultra-compact solution for measuring water level is based on our data logger and radar sensor LX80 from GeoLux that works completely autonomously.

Results RIVM nitrate sensor test

The Dutch Environmental Research Institute (RIVM) evaluated the operation of various sensors for online measurement of nitrate in surface water in both lab and outdoor conditions.

Waterquality project Belgium

RMA Hydromet won the tender for a water quality project in Belgium and delivered 14 complete autonomous monitoring systems with dataloggers and sensors within 2 weeks.

Water quality workshop

On October 5, RMA Hydromet organized a water quality monitoring workshop at Landgoed Schuilenburg in Hellendoorn (Netherlands) for her customers.

Installation Rijkswaterstaat

Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, installed several additional systems from RMA Hydromet to monitor the current water level in the Rhine.

Data buoy for swimming water

Our new data buoy with water quality sensor is ready for the first deployment in the Netherlands to monitor algae blooms in surface water for swimming.

Visit our booth

RMA Hydromet will be presented by Rob, Peter and Bas at the Aqua Nederland trade fair in Gorinchem in the South of the Netherlands from 15 to 17 March 2022